In making this game for you we have had some interesting conversations and encounters on the streets of Sao Paulo. One person was embarrassed to shake hands because their hand was dirty - should this really be a problem, aren’t all our hands dirty? We found that the people on the streets who were the most open to talking to us were the 

people we speak with the least - the people who live on the street itself. And we found that we had some of the most amazing conexions with people we don’t speak the same language as us. So here is Branch, our game for you. 

The city is the board, players are everywhere, the game is yours.
For full instructions see below.

Set up

You are responsible for defining a game area, inviting local people to get involved and bring the players in.

Brief to the Local People

Here is the heart of the work, these people can make or break it. 

Brief to the Players

Everything a player requires to send them deep into the world of Branch.

Scaling up the game

This game can be different sizes and suit many different contexts and types of people. 

Know your cards

 are for the players and show the questions players can ask local people

Local People

are for the players and must be filled by the master with tips to find the local people.


are for the local people and show a symbol on one side and question on the other.


are for the players and must be filled by the master with the start/end points and the edges of the game.

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Over 6 days 18 people, many of whom had never met each other before, came together in Sao Paulo to make Branch. The mission was to create and launch a system to reach people who don’t usually have a voice - it needed to be personal, collaborative, mutable and fun.

Around a table at Casa de Povo in Bom Retiro, with this specially chosen group, some amazing things happened - there were tears,many late nights and lots of crazy ideas.  One thing is sure, there are now some new friends in this world, a set of unexpected conversations have taken off and this part of Brazil feels closer to us all.  This is a conversation worth having.  Try Branch and let us know what happens to you.

Blast Theory

Ju Row Farr - artist

Dissidents from the traditional game industry, and brilliant at occupying public spaces, they combine performance with all sorts of interactive media in order to engage a whole city in relevant causes. Their work has granted them two decades of prizes (such as “Most Awesome Use of Digital Media”) and nominations (just for BAFTA, they got 4).


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The Makers

Ana Coli

Barbara Soalheiro

Bernardo Borges

Beto Galvão

Bruno D'Angelo

Caio Andrade

Candida Almeida

Carol Luck

Fabiano Onça

Gabriel Giacomini

Isabella Nardini

Jackeline Stefanski

Joana Amador

Ju Row Farr

Ligia Giatti

Natalia Garcia

Pedro Walker

Vitor Freire

Mesa & Cadeira

Mesas are one of the most rewarding and efficient learning experience you can get. We organize processes in which carefully selected professionals sit around the same table to work together on a mission.We use a very simple formula: one brilliant leader at the head, 12 carefully selected professionals and one extraordinary mission. At a Mesa, instead of just listening to inspiring people talk about their experience with perfect examples or hypothetical situations, you will work with them: you will see where they invest their energy, why they choose certain paths and how they come up with solutions when facing unexpected problems or new challenges.


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